Lactation Consulting

Elizabeth Enriquez, RN, IBCLCElizabeth Enriquez, RN, IBCLC
We’re here for you and your baby, right from the start!
The Pediatric Center of Frederick, LLC offers Lactation Consulting to our established patients. This service provides breastfeeding education and support to new mothers.

After a visit with our providers, you may be referred to see our International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), Elizabeth Enriquez, RN.  She will work closely with you to provide breastfeeding education and support. This service is offered in the privacy and comfort of our Taney Avenue offices. We encourage you to mention the following concerns to your provider, as it may be beneficial for you to schedule an appointment with our lactation consultant:
  • Inability for baby to latch on
  • Formula or pumped milk supplementation is necessary
  • Nipples or breasts are sore
  • New mother, or mother of a NICU or premature baby
  • Weight loss in infant
  • Use of nipple shield or Supplemental Nursing System is necessary
  • History of lactation problems
  • Breast surgery or infertility issues
  • Milk has not come in by 3-5 days post-delivery
What should I expect during my first visit?
During your first visit, the lactation consultant will ask to review the history of your pregnancy, labor and delivery, and medical history. The lactation consultant will conduct a brief exam of you and your baby and will ask you to breastfeed while the consultant observes. During this process the consultant may help you with positioning and getting your baby to latch. The lactation consultant will also help you to recognize the signs of a good feeding.
What should I bring to my first visit?
You will need to bring your baby with you to the visit. The infant should to be ready to feed during your appointment.
Please bring any breastfeeding equipment that is currently being used or was used in the hospital. You do not need to bring a breast pump.

Nursing pillows are available; however, you may bring your own if you prefer.
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