Does Your Child Need to See a Specialist?

Your pediatrician's office is your best resource when your child develops a health concern.  We pride ourselves in providing comprehensive care to our patients and manage many conditions in our office. Some of those conditions include: acne, asthma, allergies, oral contraceptives and orthopedic conditions.

The benefits of being seen by your child’s pediatrician are numerous:
  • We know your child and family best.
  • We have shorter wait times than many specialists.
  • The cost of receiving care in our office is lower than the cost of seeing a specialist.
When something comes up and you feel that your child needs to see a specialist we encourage you to call us. We can help you choose the specialist that best meets your child’s needs.   Based on  your child’s age and condition there may be specialists who are better suited provide care for your child. We can provide records (visit notes, test results, etc.) to the specialist to review prior to seeing your child.

If you take your child to see a specialist, please make sure that you ask them to send us a report or copy of the visit note so that we can properly manage your child’s care going forward.
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