After Hours

After Hours Charge - Evenings (after 6pm), Weekends and Holidays

The Pediatric Center doctors and nurse practitioners are in the office evenings, weekends and holidays to take care of your children.  Effective Oct 2010, Maryland State legislation (HB435) requires many insurers to pay an additional fee to primary care physicians who see patients weekdays between 6pm and 8am, during weekends or on national holidays.  

The current fee is $28 and will be passed on to the patient should the insurance company not cover it.  Please contact our Business Office at (301) 662-1930 between 9am-4pm Monday-Friday if you have any questions.

When Our Office Is Closed

The doctors take emergency calls from their homes when we are closed. Call the main office number (301) 662-0133, and our answering service will page a doctor to call you back. Please save routine questions (mild illness, appointments, prescription refills) for the morning. We encourage you to refer to our website first, when practical, before calling the office.

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