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Now you can connect with The Pediatric Center of Frederick anywhere, anytime with our new mobile app!

Downloading our mobile app is free and easy. Just follow the simple steps below and you're on your way. You will have access to all of our medical content, emergency information, and contact numbers anywhere and anytime you and your family need them... at the park, skiing, camping, bowling biking, hiking, swimming, or just driving in the car!

  1. Use the button below to enter the app store specific to your phone type (iPhone = Apple, Android = Google)
  2. Search for the app called "Your Practice"
  3. Download the "Your Practice" app to your smartphone
  4. Open the "Your Practice" app and search for "The Pediatric Center"
  5. Choose "The Pediatric Center of Frederick"
  6. The Pediatric Center of Frederick app content will then download to your smartphone (this may take some time)

Anytime you need to connect to The Pediatric Center of Frederick, just click on the "Your Practice" app. You can refresh or reload the app by using the menu at the upper right.

The Pediatric Center of Frederick Mobile App
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