• My son had an appointment on 4/12/19. I forget the names of the nurse and doctor, but I wanted to leave a note about how WONDERFUL they were with his appointment!!! It was awesome how smoothly it went, and they really knew how to make him feel comfortable.  They took his mind off being scared.  Thank you so much for a wonderful experience! Kudos to those two amazing ladies! - Comment from a parent 4/19
  • You guys are all so wonderful! We have just moved here and are really lucky to have found a practice that makes us feel as comfortable and happy as we were with our first child. - Comment from a parent 4/19
  • I have always felt that despite being a large practice, the Ped Center makes our family feel like we're at a small practice where our children are recognized, remembered, and respected.  Thank you for going the extra mile to help our family feel well cared for. - Email from a parent, 3/19
  • The doctors, PA, nurses and staff are so kind, professional and ready to help your child get better in any way. The doctors and PA take their time when meeting with the children and never seem annoyed or rushed. Their compassion and kindness is genuine and that’s what makes them such a great pediatric practice. My kids and I truly appreciate all that this great group of doctors and staff do. I highly recommend them! - Sonia B., Google Review, 6/18
  • I want to recognize the nurses who answer a sometimes anxious mother’s questions. They are appreciated and I am very grateful for all the advice I have received. It has been invaluable. Thank you! - Anonymous Parent Survey Response, 4/18 
  • The doctors and NPs in the Taney East/ West locations have all been wonderful with my kids, and worked with them in a great manner. - Anonymous Parent Survey Response, 4/18 
  • The doctors and nurse practitioners genuinely care about my two children. We have been going to your offices since both were newborns and we love the family friendly atmosphere! - Anonymous Parent Survey Response, 4/18 
  • Extremely patient with answering our questions and concerns. All doctors/NPs we have seen have had amazing bedside manner and I have never felt rushed out of the office, even though I had a ton of unruly children with me. - Anonymous Parent Survey Response, 4/18 
  • We love The Pediatric Center. We've seen several doctors there, but we try to see Dr. Rakowski consistently. One of my favorite things about the practice is that I have many times called to speak to a nurse and work through whether to come in now or wait and see, and what we should wait and see for. I have never been made to feel like my questions are unreasonable, and since I have had friends (elsewhere, not in Frederick) complain that their doctor's office makes them feel like they are overreacting or being difficult, I really appreciate that I've always had good communication with the staff there. - Recommendation on Social Media, 3/18
  • I love the Pediatric Center. As a nurse in the ED they were always responsive to their patients when they were sick. I love being able to get a sick appointment on weekends. As a mom all the doctors treated my kids (all 3 of them) great. - Recommendation on Social Media, 3/18
  • Highly recommend the Pediatric Center of Frederick. We see Dr. Joseph in the Urbana office and absolutely love him. We have an 18 month old and I love that they have so many convenient locations that when she is sick or we need a same-day appointments they are able to squeeze us in (they even have some evening hours at their main location and the nurses phone line is always extremely helpful - especially as a first time mom. - Recommendation on Social Media, 3/18
  • Highly recommend The Pediatric Center. We have been going for 14 years since we moved here. My daughter and son in law are now taking their 6 month old there and love Janice, NP and Dr. Joseph. My 16 old sees Dr. Bromberg. - Recommendation on Social Media, 3/18
  • Dr. Mugera at The Pediatric Center of Frederick is fabulous. They have 2 offices in Frederick, plus Urbana and others. - Recommendation on Social Media, 3/18
  • I called for an appointment for my son and got one right away. He was having trouble breathing. They tried treatment and it didn't work. They called an ambulance right away and he was rushed to the ER. The doctor that saw him called the hospital and checked in on him. A wonderful caring staff. Can not thank them enough for their fast action. My son is doing so much better...thank you!!!! - Monica S, Facebook Review 2/7/18
  • Always have a great experience every time we go in! I love the nurse line and the online portal for when I have questions. Love Dr Joseph! He is so great with our son!  -Brittany A., Facebook Review 6/20/17
  • LOVE The Ped Center!!!! Haven't met a Doctor or Nurse that we haven't been happy with! - Abbey W. , Facebook Review 3/6/17
  • From the very beginning we have felt welcomed! I love the fact that we can always get a same day appointment for my daughter! ... I work at an ob/gyn office and constantly recommend you guys to our patients!!! - Amanda L., Facebook Review 2/17/17
  • I have used the Pediatric Center since 1972 for my son, my daughter and also a grandson. I have always felt comfortable with the doctors decisions and the PAs and the nurses were always gentle and caring. - Linda W., Facebook Review 8/15/16

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